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The Story

Michelle sat at her computer table and stared at her screen. It had been over 3 years since Michelle had started making her own jewellery. What started off as a post-work hobby and had slowly turned into an obsession. 

Having realized that she was getting nowhere, she noted down what she wanted to express. 

My 24th-year has been gold but also bumpy. A lot has happened and I'd like to express the uniqueness of it.

2 hours passed. Another hour. She was still getting nowhere. Then suddenly, as her eyes were getting blurry, she noticed the meeting points of the triangle design she had been working on. What if I play with the meeting points?

24?  ... 6 x 4? ... 4 hexagons?

Now she was sketching like she was obsessed. She kept drawing, till suddenly she saw 4 unique deviated hexagons stacked one over the other. She smiled. She added some bumps to the surface and coloured it gold. 

This is why she did it. The end was worth the journey. She found a way to express herself.


  • SKU: 1025
  • Material (Body): Zinc Alloy 
  • Material (Plating): Gold
  • Earring Style: Trendy


Michelle 1: Meghna Sahgal
Michelle 2: Saloni Malhotra Wanchoo
Photographers: Kamakshi Pasari & Shreya Nagrecha
Stylist: Saumya Saboo

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