Earrings for Round Face

It is important to know what kind of face structure you have in order to choose the most suitable earrings for your face. 

This is a key step in finding the right products to express yourself in the best way possible!

Table of Contents

Step 1: Check if your face is round
Step 2: Find the type of earrings that suit you best

    Step 1: Check if your face is round.

    Is the length from the tip of your nose to your face edge the same on all sides?

    Is your face widest at your cheekbones?

    Do you have a round chin line?

    Round Face Girl

    If you answered yes to all the above questions, then you have a round face!

    Step 2: Find the type of Earrings that suit you best!

    The next step is to find the type of earrings that would best suit your face structure. 

    Ideally, you’d want to elongate your face with the correct pair of earrings. Especially, if you don’t have long hair. 

    The basic idea is to choose a pair that is long rather than wide to create a vertical line which will give your face a long and slim look. 

    We suggest you avoid earrings that are round or have perfect circles as they would make your face look even rounder. 

    Instead, long, dangling or drop earrings would make for a great choice!

    The image below showcases the types of earrings you should wear versus those that you should avoid. 

     Here are some products you can add to your own collection!


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